5 Common Ways To Consume Concentrates


Dabbing is the newest way to consume cannabis, but given how fast the industry evolves, who knows how else we’ll be consuming weed in the next decade?


Nevertheless, dabbing has received a lot of attention both from old-school traditional tokers to today’s hipster stoners. It’s already been around for around a decade, but there’s no doubt that dabbing packs a serious punch – making it rather intimidating for newbies who don’t know much about it. Back in the day, all you had were rolling papers, a bong, and a pipe – so it’s easy to understand why dabbing can be overwhelming especially considering that you’re getting around 70 up to as much as 90% THC so it’s pretty damn powerful. The potency may seem much too high for an MMJ patient, but it also has medicinal benefits especially if you need a strong dose for instant relief.


Dabs or concentrates themselves come in dozens of different forms. Check out this article to read about them.


But knowing is half the battle! Here’s a guide to the different ways to consume cannabis concentrates so you can decide which one may work best for you: