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Sunday, Feb 8, 2015

Source: Flickr user Matthew Kenwrick.

To say there's been a dramatic shift in sentiment toward marijuana over the past decade is an understatement.

In just one decade, the American public went from opposing the legalization of marijuana by a margin of three to one to favoring its legalization by nearly a three-to-two margin, according to statistics from research firm Gallup.

What's fueled this sudden surge in marijuana interest among the public? I'd opine it's been a mixture of the need for states to collect tax revenue to narrow budget deficits and the visibility of the positive effects of medical marijuana coming to light. Medical marijuana is most often prescribed by physicians as a treatment for cancer pain and as an appetite stimulant. There are currently 23 states that have legalized medical marijuana, and four (Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Alaska) that have legalized the drug for recreational adult use.

You never knew this about marijuana There's much more to the marijuana debate than whether or not it should be legalized for recreational use. Select drug developers around the world are examining the properties of cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, as well as marijuana itself, to determine whether or not they could have a medically beneficial effect against certain diseases.