5 Innovative Cannabis Products & Technology - Weedguide

Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018

The ability to quickly change and adapt is ingrained in the fabric of the cannabis industry thanks largely to prohibition. From cultivators evading law enforcement by growing in remote locations or indoor operations, to the development of industry best processes in the absence of regulatory guidance, to the creation of software and solutions in support of the cash-only requirements, the cannabis industry has never been without innovation.

Now with growing societal acceptance, the evolving legal landscape and an influx of investor capital the cannabis industry has become a hotbed of innovation, with some creative companies even working to redefine how we interact with and consume the plant. With every new industry comes innovation, and cannabis is no different. Keep reading to find out which 5 cannabis tech solutions have recently caught our eye.


In addition to the fact that no two people experiences a single cannabis strain in the same way, we’re also finding out that what we think we know about strain differences may not actually be accurate. With the ReleafApp, you can easily track your experience with cannabis products, dosing amounts and consumption methods in order to better understand what works best for you. You begin by entering as much data as possible – what’s ailing you, the strain or product you’re taking, testing information, where you bought it, what equipment you used to consume it – before marking the effects of your cannabis using the “Feels” icons or your own notes. Releaf’s simple interface encourages as much interaction as possible with every puff or dose, so being able to track your experience once those effects kick in is absolutely doable. And by using Releaf to track every sesh, over time the app is able to translate those sessions into patterns that reveal what worked best for your symptoms. After all, a budtender can only tell you so much.