5 Rookie Cannabis Cooking Mistakes To Avoid!


If you love cannabis, it’s only natural to experiment with edibles after you’ve tried smoking them. Edibles are a completely different ballgame: the possibilities of the foods you can infuse with cannabis are limitless. There are many flavors and textures to enjoy, and it truly heightens the sensations.


But we’ve all been there: gotten too stoned out of the first batch of space brownies we ever had, causing us to swear off edibles FOREVER. If this has happened to you, you&rsqu o;re not alone. These mistakes are part of the experience, but understanding the science of infusions, decarboxylation, and how cannabis works in the equation can give you some incredible medicated experiences on edibles.


Here’s a list of the most common cannabis cooking mistakes that you might be making!


Placing ground cannabis straight into the pot


The most common misconception among rookie edible makers is that you can use raw cannabis. Wrong! You must decarboxylate all cannabis first before cooking with it. Decarboxylation is the process of heating cannabis to certain temperatures in order to activate the THC from THCA; as well as the other cannabinoids, otherwise you won’t get a buzz. Not only will it lack a buzz, but a raw state won’t allow cannabinoids to completely activate and bind to the fat, wasting cannabi s.

Over grinding your cannabis into powder Uneven potency Adding too much cannabis Using too little cannabis