5 Tips on Managing Cannabis Dispensary Inventory - IndicaOnline

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Typically marijuana retailers stock hundreds or even thousands of cannabis products in their storefront and keeping track of everything can be tricky. Utilizing advanced marijuana software is essential when managing cannabis dispensary inventory. There are several steps to onboarding new products but there are a few steps that are vital to maintaining compliance with state regulations.

Today we’ll discuss a few important tips to remember when managing your cannabis dispensary inventory.

Calibrate Scales

Whether your cannabis retailer is a licensed distributor that cultivates its own supply or you purchases product from a third-party distributor, you’ll always want to weigh each batch before adding it to your stock. It’s always necessary to calibrate your scales before weighing your marijuana as there can occasionally be discrepancies between the distributor’s recorded weight and the actual weight when it reaches you storefront.

Even if your marijuana has been pre-packaged and labelled by the distributor with the weight, it never hurts to double check. It’s best to use NTEP certified scales so that you’re able to weigh large quantities and get precise readings. Calibrating your scales seems simple enough but after a while they can begin to drift so taking the time to do this before large intakes is highly recommended.