6 Reasons Why Cannabis Should Be Legalized Federally


Campaigns for legalizing marijuana went well the last part of the year. Recreational marijuana laws are approved in several states and it is now legal in more than half the states. But federal law still sees marijuana as banned and the incoming Atty. Gen. Sessions said there need to be “grown-ups in charge” to just say no. So what does all of this mean?



More than half of the country responded at polls that marijuana should be legalized. The Drug Police Alliance (DPA) beliefs it should be removed from criminal justice system and regulated the same way tobacco and alcohol had been done. No other reform has been approved by so many voters on Election Day, as the reform of marijuana, and while the new president, Donald Trump said that he would respect state marijuana laws, it is still very unsure how the reaction would be to federalization.


But Why should it be Legalized Federally?




Create Jobs- Legalizing marijuana federally will create huge opportunities to increase crops and therefor it would offer more work. More shops could be set up and that would also lead to more work available.