6 tips for growing cannabis clones - Humboldt Seeds UK

Thursday, Jun 28, 2018

The Internet offers a vast range of information on cloning. However, it’s not easy to find sufficiently accurate and reliable tips for growing strong and healthy cuttings. For that very reason, we have prepared a very interesting post so that you learn how to successfully grow cannabis clones.


As previously mentioned, we’ll skip the cloning process to focus on how to nurse the clones through the growth phase.

During the initial phase, young clones will benefit from an 18/6 veg. light schedule, if possible, under fluorescent lamps. Metal Halide lamps are also appropriate as long as they’re located 1.5-2 meters away from the clones.

Another key factor for achieving success is where you decide to place your clones. Whether you opt for a small greenhouse or a grow space, make sure the humidity level is high enough. During the first 2 days, moisture levels of around 95-100% are imperative. Later, over the following 3 weeks, lower humidity levels are recommended (85-90 %). If you stay within these parameters, the root system will certainly thrive.

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