6 Ways Cannabis Helps Women’s Health With Dr. Michele Ross


Hi! I’m Dr. Michele Ross, Neuroscientist and founder of IMPACT Network. Cannabis is a plant made for women. Is it any coincidence the female plant is the one that contains cannabinoid-rich trichomes? I’m going to tell you some of the ways marijuana can improve your quality of life.



Your reproductive organs, including your uterus and ovaries, contain both types of cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. These are the receptors that respond to the cannabinoids found in marijuana or your body’s natural endocannabinoids, such as anandamide, which is known as the “Bliss Molecule.”




Your uterus has the highest levels of anandamide in your whole body. During certain times in your menstrual cycle, like ovulation, your uterus has 100 times more anandamide than your brain does. No wonder why we are feeling our best then!



Estrogen is tightly linked to anandamide. When our levels are low, anandamide is also low. When anandamide levels drop, we might feel moody or irritable, crave fatty foods, or feel in pain or crampy. Sound familiar? That’s PMS. In fact 3.5% of patients in HelloMD’s 2016 survey of cannabis users use cannabis to treat PMS.



84% of women have painful periods. Some women are lucky enough to use a Tylenol or a Midol and have sufficient pain relief.  Others have to call in sick from work or take opiate painkillers. Will smoking a joint help for instant relief? Yes. So will rubbing a cannabis-infused topical lotion on your pelvis, a great option if you get drug tested at work and can’t have THC in your bloodstream.



Chronic pelvic pain lasting 6 months or more impacts 25% of women. 1 in 10 women suffer from endometriosis, a condition poorly treated by regular surgeries, hormone shots, and hysterectomy. Can cannabis help? Yes, but you’re going to have to do more than smoke it for lasting relief. Try eating 1:1 or 2:1 CBD:THC ratio tinctures or candies. For prevention of pain and actually treatment of your symptoms, try a vaginal suppository with THC and CBD, like FORIA relief.



Menopause – it’s something 50% of humans on earth will go through. Hot flashes, night sweats, moodiness, it’s not something anyone looks forward to going through. Current treatments include hormone replacement therapy or HRT, with a list of harmful side effects like increased risk of stroke or breast cancer. Cannabis can relieve many symptoms of menopause without these scary side effects. Tell your mom, your sister, anyone with a vagina!



Want to learn more? I currently teach “Modulating Women’s Health With an Ancient Plant” and “Treating the Spectrum of Mood Disorders: Depression, Anxiety & PTSD” for the Holistic Cannabis Academy, which provides certification as a Holistic Cannabis Counselor for healthcare practitioners, budtenders, caregivers and patient experts. Visit www.impactcannabis.org/certification to find out more.