6 Ways Cannabis Keeps You Young - MassRoots


Our bodies are very unique and complex. Believe it or not, cannabis can help that human body – and there are countless ways, but we’ve got to start somewhere. Here are 6 ways cannabis is effectively your very own private Fountain of Youth, keeping users young, healthy, happy and hungry.


Some skin conditions can be chronic, unsightly and sometimes painful for those that suffer from them. Cannabis is full of antioxidants and its ability to reduce inflammation has some serious anti-aging properties. Topically applied, cannabis salves can also assist users with skin irritations such as eczema or rosacea. With skin that is well taken care of, no one will be able to guess your age.


Getting good sleep in invaluable. While we sleep our bodies repair and recover, improve its immune function, solidify memories and more. Without good sleep, a person could function at a lower level then they are capable of – and will have dark circles or bags under their eyes to boot. Cannabis is an ancient and natural way to lull your body into a restful sleep. Cannabis indica specifically can produce a feeling which many refer to as “couchlock,” meaning you don’t really want to go anywhere once you’ve sat down on the couch. Sounds restful to us, especially when trying to get your beauty rest.