9 Essentials Components for a Fundraising Pitch Deck

Saturday, Mar 9, 2019

When you are pitching to investors, you want to prepare to use your time wisely and it is best to assume that you are not going to have a lot of time. Investors are constantly get pitched, so it’s important to catch their attention quickly and engage them by keeping it simple.

The first step towards landing a new funding round begins with a strong startup pitch deck.

The best startup pitch decks include the following components:

Problem Ask

Investor Knowledge

Before reviewing these components, please note, you may need to include another slide, additional information to a few of your slides or add a bit more detailed verbiage when speaking about each of your slides. Having a business in the cannabis industry, you need to understand who you are pitching to. Are these investors in the cannabis industry? Are they new in the industry? Have they invested in a cannabis business before? Review their portfolio.

If they are new to the cannabis industry, you will want to include additional information about the cannabis industry as a whole. You may need to explain in more detail about the business model, the problem you are solving, why it is a problem and so forth.