9 Ways You Can Get High Without Smoking Cannabis

Sunday, Oct 15, 2017

One of the best things about weed is the many ways you can consume it. If you’re hesitant to smoke because of health reasons or if you prefer to take it in other ways, you’ll have many different options. Check out this list of nine ways you can get high and try weed for yourself, without having to smoke it.

If you enjoy smoking, the closest alternative is vaping. The basic premise is the same; you heat your weed to release the THC and make it active. With vaping, there is no smoke released and you inhale cleaner vapor, with no additional smoke from resin or papers. It is a healthier option, no doubt.

Thankfully, with many cigarette smokers turning to vapes to quit their habit, vaporizers have improved vastly and come down a lot in price.

Back in the days, vaporizers used to be a relatively expensive investment for committed tokers but with time it has become a very affordable alternative.

Cannabis oils and extracts are made by using a solvent to remove the THC from the cannabis plant, creating a concentrate that can you can consume orally, or vape & smoke it. You can also use the extract to infuse food.