A Definitive Guide To Rolling Papers

Thursday, Feb 8, 2018

Smoking cannabis cigarettes, better known as joints, has been common practice for decades. Although it is believed to have started in Mexico sometime around 1850, before prohibition began, cannabis cigarettes were commonplace. Smoking cannabis joints isn’t new, but the papers to roll them has diversified greatly.

In this three-part series, we’ll talk about the materials used in making rolling papers and why it makes a difference, specific brands in the market, and finally, a few ways to use them.

While the process itself hasn’t changed in more than a century, the materials used to produce rolling papers has definitely evolved. Whether you’re looking for something healthier, something delicious, or something with a lot of novelty potential, there is a rolling paper perfect for you.

Hemp Rolling Papers – Quite possibly the most logical way to way to smoke your cannabis… is with more cannabis, and since hemp is a sustainable crop, using hemp papers is also one of the most environmentally conscious materials when rolling your joints. 100% hemp fiber papers are generally beige or brown in color as they are unbleached and unprocessed.