A look inside a licensed cannabis testing lab - Lift News

Thursday, Mar 16, 2017

In 2015, Justin Trudeau’s election campaign brought cannabis legalization into the forefront of mainstream discussion. In the wake of that campaign, a proliferation of cannabis producers and distributors sprang up and into view across Canada, bringing with them an old concern on a new, national-market scale: safety.

As burgeoning legal and grey-area markets emerged, the need was created for a new, adjacent industry to provide the analysis and safety assurance normally required of traditional food and drugs. Labs began offering testing services through which growers and cannabis users can turn a small sample into a wealth of information, and Lift News was recently granted a tour of one such testing lab.

Half an hour outside of British Columbia’s capital city, the team at M B Laboratories toils amidst an array of vials, data sheets, and state of the art, high-tech machines. They’re working with samples of cannabis in various forms to determine the potency and safety of the samples brought to them by growers, licensed producers, and their customers.

Vials of solution waiting to be tested chromatograph machine Mass spectrometers Microscope in the microbial analysis station Gummy bears being dissolved in preparation for testing