A medical marijuana dispensary banned patients for online complaints

Friday, Mar 23, 2018

Sajal Roy, owner of Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Cumberland, Maryland, said he has banned four patients for spreading what he deemed to be false or misleading information online, and another who was acting disruptive inside the dispensary. He said he feels justified because those patients can buy cannabis elsewhere, even though the closest dispensaries to his are in Frederick, about 90 miles away.

“There’s plenty of other dispensaries, and access is not a question,” Roy said. “I think on some level in today’s society we baby everyone, and we coddle everyone. There are repercussions for what you do.”

Two patients he put on a do-not-serve list in January and February were allowed back into the dispensary after apologizing for their critical posts. Roy said the patient who was disruptive also has been allowed back in, but two others remained on the banned list as of March.

Kelly Robertson, founder of the Western Maryland Medicinal Marijuana Patients Alliance, said banning patients is wrong because it limits access to medication and creates a particular burden for those with low incomes who may not have the resources to travel across the state.

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