A Weed Vape Pen That Can Control Your ENTIRE Range of Emotions? [Relax, Focus, Party, etc...]

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2019

With the rise of marijuana in the USA, both in terms of legality and public acceptance, there has been a gradual shift away from trying to breed the most potent strain possible.

In days gone by, the ultimate pursuit of any marijuana grower was to try and make the most potent, THC-filled strain possible, but now, thanks to more and more people trying marijuana and enjoying it casually, there is a movement towards calmer, more predictable effects rather than unmitigated, unimaginably powerful highs.

These days, people are looking for specific effects from their marijuana, hunting for the perfect strain to try and suit their mood. However, thanks to the inherent confusion of crossbreeding strains, it is difficult to be able to predict 100% the result from any particular strain.

That being said, one company has decided to try and make the entire process far easier with the Lucid Mood vape pen, designed to give you the exact mood you are looking for.

Is this actually legitimate? Is it possible to provide the exact emotions you are looking for, every single time? Let’s take a look at the Lucid Mood and figure out whether or not it is worth it.