AI-Powered Cannabis Search Engine Site, Weedguide Raises $1.7M
Thursday, Nov 23, 2017

San Diego cannabis tech startup Weedguide closes $1.7 million in seed funding. Two private investors closed this round.

What is Weedguide?

Weedguide is set to become the Google of cannabis, bringing innovation to a whole new level for the cannabis industry with their AI-powered technology. Weedguide provides the end user with the easiest way to find everything you want to know about medical and recreational cannabis. They have built a portal where you can see the best articles, videos, products, dispensary locations, recipes, strain info and much more from all over the web.

How is this platform beneficial?

Weedguide can help the experienced cannabis user learn more about their favorite strains, the new medical cannabis patient who would like some guidance in determining the different ways to consume cannabis or even the cannabis entrepreneur who wants to stay updated on all of the latest cannabis industry news.

The Technology

Weedguide is powered by AI machine learning technology. By equipping their site with this technology it allows them to build a laser-focused search engine focusing strictly on cannabis. This will enable you to block out all the noise and will be able to browse through vast amounts of data and find exactly what they need. On top of the semantic input and natural language processing, they have employed real-world subject matter experts to ensure the most useful and relevant content is displayed.