AJ Gentile - Speed Weed: Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

Thursday, Jul 3, 2014

It all started with his life’s savings going down the drain and a handful of buds that looked like someone “scooped them out of a cat’s litter box.” If this mind-blowing interview between Cashinbis and AJ Gentile doesn’t make you believe that things happen for a reason and the name of the game is to make the best out of it… we don’t know what will. AJ now runs and operates Speed Weed, the largest medical marijuana delivery company in the country, and is on its way to revamping the entire society surrounding the plant.

His mind is running a million miles a minute, so keep up, read up, and learn how one man is ahead of the game and what he and his team did to get there…

What was the deciding factor for you to join this particular industry?

It all started from my brother, Gene. We’re from New York and were running a software company. I was working for MTV Radio on XM and came to Los Angeles to help launch Playboy Radio on Sirius while Gene remained back in New York. Our software business was going okay but yet I was constantly stressing. So he decided to move out to Los Angeles to get a fresh start.