Alaska, Oregon and DC legalize Cannabis - Cannabis Digest
Thursday, Nov 6, 2014

Oregon passed 54% of the vote.

Measure 91 permits adults to possess eight ounces of “dried” marijuana at home and up to one ounce in public. It allows for individuals to grow up to four plants. The measure tasks the Oregon Liquor Control Commission with regulating sales. It authorizes in-state manufacture, processing and sale of marijuana by/to adults as well as licensing, regulation, taxation by state.  The measure retains the current medical marijuana laws.

The full text of the measure can be read here.


Alaska passed with 52% of the vote.

Measure 2 legalizes the possession, use, presentation, purchase, transport and production of set amounts of marijuana for recreational use. Adults age 21 and older are allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants (with no more than three being mature) for personal use. It will also make the manufacture, sale and possession of marijuana paraphernalia legal. Use in public is still prohibited.

The full initiative text can be read here

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