Are LED Grow Lights Worth The Cost?
Monday, Mar 5, 2018

The technology used to develop LED Grow Lights has improved greatly over the past several years. There have been many companies in the early days of LED that stated their lights were as powerful or better than HID (high Intensity discharge) when at the time they weren’t even close to meeting strength. This created a lot of mistrust in the market space and has lead to people not being willing to explore new LED technology.

Having been testing LED grow lights for over 4 years I’ve experienced many of the early day technologies that weren’t up to snuff and this had terrible effects and results on many grows; I had, some even destroyed. Recently over the past two years numerous LED manufacturers have released top quality LED Grow lights that have forever changed the indoor grow market.

At the currently time LED grow lights are more expensive than standard HID lights. Though these lights are significantly more efficient than standard incandescent grow lights. That statement isn’t opinion but is based on facts. LED light produce 50% less heat than standard HIP lights and use less than 50% of the power consumption.

1′ x 1′: 32 watts 2′ x 2′: 128 watts 3′ x 3′: 288 watts 4′ x 4′: 512 watts 5′ x 5′: 800 watts 6′ x 6′: 1152 watts