Aspen Valley: How the CBD Flower Has Gone Mainstream
Thursday, Dec 6, 2018

As they stood above Mexico City on a 17,000 foot volcano, the owners of Pure CBD Exchange decided to go all in on CBD flower by launching Aspen Valley Hemp Company.

Pure CBD Exchange began in 2016 as a low-cost, high quality brand for organic CO2 extracted CBD oil products. Since that time, the company has been steadily building a trustworthy name in an industry where generic brands and a lack of regulation are leaving many customers confused, turned off, and uncertain of where to buy.

With the CBD industry expected to grow to $22 billion by 2022, establishing a base of credibility has been essential, but many are left wondering: what does the future of CBD look like?

While products made from hemp extracts are here to stay, Aspen Valley Hemp Company is willing to bet that the whole-plant experience of CBD flower is the next revolution in how consumers use CBD products.

Greener beginnings

Courtesy of Aspen Valley

A healthier world has been one of Aspen Valley’s goals since the beginning. Originally, the idea was to create a hemp cigarette made entirely from biodegradable material to replace tobacco. Some may find it hard to believe that, in the United States, it is currently illegal to create cigarette papers from recycled materials or natural sources. This law exists to prevent cigarette companies from doing anything to make smoking more attractive to users.