At Home Drug Test Tips
Tuesday, Jul 12, 2016

The at home drug test is stuff stoners like? We know what you’re thinking. These motherfuckers have lost their minds, right? They think the at home drug test is cool? WTF? No. We think drug tests are an invasion of privacy at best and a civil rights violation at worst. They don’t show on the job drug use, they just show who is in control. And that’s usually those who profit from prohibition. So that’s why we focus on helping people learn how to pass a drug test. We’ve got primers on how to pass a urine drug test for weed, how to beat the mouth swab drug test and how to pass the hair drug test as well as advice on how to get weed out of your system fast. Anyhow along with synthetic urine another crucial component in your arsenal should be a home drug test.

Why the fuck would you need your own home drug test? Dude. You can use a home drug test kit to test yourself first before you give your sample to someone who can fuck you over.  home drug test kits provide a way for you to test your chosen method for beating a drug test. We’ve covered many of them from synthetic urine, to detox drinks for THC, to Niacin to the Sure Jell aka Certo Drug Test Detox method. So pick the one that’s right for you. Then test it using a home drug test kit to be certain. That way you’ll know whether or not it works—before you get to the test site and have your future on the line.

October 1, 2016