Battle for Hemp Legalization Heating Up
Monday, Feb 9, 2015

The bill, the “Industrial Hemp Farming act of 2015” would effectively remove hemp from its current schedule 1 banned substance designation and lift the ban on cultivating hemp for industrial purposes nationwide. The text of the “Industrial Hemp Farming act of 2015” can be found here.  Support for the bill is growing but it is not without controversy.

Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell has thrown his support behind the bill.  Due to McConnell’s position as Senate majority leader his support is a big step forward for the bill.  Currently the “Industrial Hemp Act” is awaiting consideration from the senate judiciary committee.  Where it will be passed or tabled.  If passed the bill will then move to the floor of the Senate for consideration and debate.  If the bill makes is past the Senate it will move to the house of representatives then to the President’s desk.

The bill has met numerous challenges in it’s short life. Rep. Hal Rogers ( R ), also from Kentucky, cites concerns coming from Law enforcement agencies that they will not be able to differentiate between industrial Hemp and it’s cousin-Marijuana.  Rogers says that “The confusion and potential commingling lends itself to an easier path for illegal marijuana growth across the country,”

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