Becoming a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in California | Cannabis Training University
Wednesday, Dec 7, 2016

It was in 1996 that medical marijuana became legal in the state of California. Cannabis became legal under the Compassionate Use Act. This allowed people who suffered from debilitating ailments and diseases to get help from medical cannabis, if they had to get relief from their symptoms. Some of these medical conditions include chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, cancer and glaucoma. These medical patients are able to use cannabis without having fear of being criminally prosecuted by law enforcement in the state of California.

Your Responsibility

The Compassionate Use Act is also extended to patient caregivers so that they are protected by law. However, caregivers and patients should be aware that medical marijuana is still illegal in the federal government jurisdiction and law. It is important to know the state laws and if unsure, seek guidance from a medical marijuana lawyer so you can get your concerns and questions taken care of. Each legalized state has their specific laws. So, it is your responsibility to find out the laws in your state.