Beginner’s Guide To Safely Consuming Edibles - I Love Growing Marijuana
Sunday, Apr 22, 2018

Edibles come in a variety of doses, infusion types, sizes, and consistencies. Dispensaries often have the production of cannabis edibles down to a science, and almost always have something to suit everyone’s needs. Many consumers have begun eating their weed rather than smoking it. Some people simply don’t like smoking marijuana, preferring to consume it instead. Other users feel that consuming edibles is less taboo than smoking weed. Whatever the reason for making the choice, edibles can be a great method for recreational or medical marijuana use.

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Common edibles come in the form of drinks, homemade foods, tinctures, sprays, and inhalers. You can cook cannabis into nearly everything edible, as shown with weed-infused tacos at the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup. Finding edibles to suit your body and needs can require some trial and error. Like prescription medication dosing, it may take a few tries to get it right. Before consuming edibles, research the dosage and marijuana type to achieve desired results. Also, be sure to have a sober friend handy in case the experience goes downhill for you.

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