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Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018

I adore the chewy delight of a gummy candy, and I loved getting the chance to pick out the best CBD gummies.

I may be a bit biased, because I’ve always enjoyed gummies, from gummy bears to gummy worms, and they’re even better when you add the healing power of CBD. Obviously I’m not alone: store shelves are full of gummy adult vitamins and numerous other nutritional supplements in candy shapes. When it comes to CBD oil, the beneficial supplement made from industrial hemp, it’s no surprise there are lots of sweet, chewy CBD treats for sale now, too.

The appeal of is obvious: the flavors and texture make CBD easy to ingest, particularly if people have trouble swallowing pills or dislike the flavor of conventional tinctures. While all gummy supplements should be kept out of reach of children, some kids do take CBD, particularly for especially serious forms of , so CBD gummies have an obvious appeal for those parents. It can also be easier to take a precise dose with edibles like gummies compared to a dropper of liquid CBD tincture.

Price, Strength (the dosage of each edible) Customer service and shipping, And flavor. CBD Living: These gummies tasted and looked the most like regular gummy bears and all their lab results are available online. If you want the classic gummy bear experience plus CBD, CBD Living is your best choice. On the downside, their shipping was slower and more expensive than other brands. CBD Infusionz: This was a very close second: these gummies taste great, but more like a homemade candy then a real gummy bear. CBD Infusionz also has unique flavors and options for their gummies. Unfortunately, they are still working to get their lab results online but will provide them by email. Go Green Hemp: These gummies looked a lot like a classic gummy bear, but they tasted very medicinal. These were the gummy bears I enjoyed eating least out of all the products (but I still ate them all). However, I’m ranking them higher than Pure American Hemp because their lab results are easier to access. Pure American Hemp Oil: These looked almost identical to Go Green Hemp in packaging and shape, and also had a moderate medicinal aftertaste. Pure American Hemp offered fast shipping and great customer service, but are still working to get all their lab results online (you have to email them right now for the gummies’ results). Price: $20.00 (+ $10 standard shipping) Strength: 10 milligrams each (10 bears per bag, 100mg total CBD per bag). Customer Service & Shipping: CBD Living had the slowest & most expensive standard shipping of all the varieties. Test Results: Online. Flavor: Like the classic “gummy bear” you ate as a kid, with barely any medicinal aftertaste. Other: Also available in bottles of 30 bears at a discount, or as CBD-infused sour gummy bears, cherry rings, and sour apple rings. Price: $19.99 (+$ 3.99 standard shipping) Strength: 5 milligrams each (10 bears per bottle, 50mg total CBD per bottle). Customer Service & Shipping: Fast response to customer service questions; slow but inexpensive standard shipping. Test Results: By email only. Flavor: Like a fresh candy from your local sweet shop. Delicious! Other: Many unique flavors plus “AM/PM” gummy options; 99 cent sample pack available. Price: $21.99 (+ $6.99 priority shipping) Strength: 10 milligrams each (20 bears per bottle, 200mg total CBD per bottle). Customer Service & Shipping: GoGreen Hemp had good customer service and offers affordable and fast priority shipping. Third Party Lab Results: Flavor: All the bears had a medicinal aftertaste, with the red bears tasting especially bitter. Other: No other flavors available but GoGreen also offers CBD capsules, a topical ointment & dog chews. Price: $38.95 (+ $5 standard shipping) Strength: 10 milligrams each (30 bears per bottle, 300mg total CBD per bottle). Customer Service & Shipping: Pure American Hemp Oil had the fastest standard shipping, and fast, friendly customer service. Test Results: By email request (for gummies, other products have ). Flavor: A noticeable medicinal aftertaste, especially in the red bears, but less bitter than GoGreen. Other: Pure American Hemp Oil also offers CBD tinctures and gel caps. Post Views: 10,311