Best Smoking Device to Get High… Is it Really Worth It?
Thursday, Dec 20, 2018

Lazy, spoiled, naive, pampered – however you want to label them, youth certainly takes a lot of unrelenting hate from us “old timers.” Is some of it merited? No doubt. However, the sad reality is that most of it is probably borne out of spite, as well as our own personal dissatisfaction with growing old and losing touch with the times.

In today’s world of ultra hi-tech cannabis consumption, this is proving to ring especially true. Kids these days are smoking – and vaping – out of devices that look for all the world like somethingWill Smith would’ve used to erase our memory back in the 90’s.

But are these wickedly-advanced gizmos really any better at getting us stoned than the nice, artful, tightly-wrapped joints that we used to roll? In this article, we take an objective look at this question in order to determine whether or not kids these days really do use the best smoking devices to get high, or whether they’re just being suckered into foolish, unnecessary marketing gimmicks.

While not too advanced in a technological sense, dab rigs can involve highly intricate glasswork and intimidating-looking “nails” that, to the unknowing eye, probably look like they’re made for something far less innocuous than marijuana.