Best Way To Grow Marijuana? Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Growing marijuana is a breeze with our germinating tips and tricks!


For newbies and beginners, growing your own marijuana can be a little tricky. The first thing you need to do, obviously, is germinate the seeds. You don’t want to waste seeds since these can be expensive and ordering them can be a bitch, so the less error you make in the beginning, the more you can maximize your marijuana investment.


You’ll know when your seeds have germinated once you see small white tendrils pop out - these are the marijuana plant’s very first root known as the taproot. But just because your seed has sprouted doesn’t mean that the plant will already grow fully. When your seed has sprouted it still requires your careful love and affection because all the other roots of the plant will come fromthis very taproot.


The taproot will continue to grow longer and eventually push the seed up and causing the shell to break apart. Soon, the first leaves will emerge from the seed. The next set of leaves that will grow are the real marijuana leaves, and will have a serrated edge.