Better With Age: Does Cannabis Ease Menopause Symptoms?

There’s no avoiding it, every woman goes through menopause. Here’s how a little cannabis can help you through the transition.

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Many people assume that cannabis only impacts their brain. This is far from the truth. Cannabis actually engages with various systems in the body, including your reproductive system. Compounds in the herb actively interact with sex hormone estrogen, which is a key culprit behind menopause symptoms. This segment of our Better With Age series is dedicated to the ladies. We’ll address one major question: does cannabis ease menopause symptoms? 


Menopause is the period of a woman’s life in which menstruation stops. This typically happens while women are in their mid-40s to early 50s, with the average age of onset being 51 years old. Menopause marks the end of a woman’s reproductive capabilities.

There are three distinct phases of menopause: perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause.

Perimenopause is the time before the end of menstruation during which the body slows down estrogen production. Estrogen is one of two primary sex hormones that trigger ovulation and menstruation. This slow down happens several years before menopause hits, with symptoms showing up 1 to 2 years before menopause proper.

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