Big Buddha Cheese Strain Review - I Love Growing Marijuana
Sunday, Nov 19, 2017

Big Buddha Cheese is arguably one of the most popular strains to have originated from the United Kingdom. Over the last decade, it has continued to not only thrive but also to gain a new following. Not a lot of people today realize that the most widely available from the family of cheese strains might not have existed were it not for a group of free-spirited people.

The strain first made its appearance on the scene as an unnamed clone-only plant. Because of its unique aroma and traits, it was passed on from one individual to another. It later became known as UK Cheese (or simply Cheese).

In 2004, a company called Big Buddha Seeds was able to obtain a clone of UK Cheese. In their endeavor to finally extend the cheese lineage with one that can produce seeds, they crossed it with an Afghani Indica plant. The resulting strain was then named after the breeder and called Big Buddha Cheese.

It retains much of the same aroma that made its predecessor a big hit among the consumers. Furthermore, it also is a milder version but still potent enough to deliver a satisfying mental and physical experience. Considered as one of the best daytime cannabis hybrids, it promotes the sense of wellness as well as influence users to be more sociable.

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