Big Buddha Seeds: The Complete Review
Saturday, Jan 19, 2019

Perhaps you’ve heard of BBC? I’ll give you a clue…we’re not talking about the British service broadcaster. Today we are going to delve into the company that has produced massive strain successes around the globe, including the world-renowned Big Buddha Cheese.

This strain hasn’t stopped making waves since its creation in 2002 and has even gone on to win “Best Indica Seed” in the 19th Annual Cannabis Cup. But Big Buddha Seeds are much bigger than a single strain. This is a company steeped in growing and breeding experience, and they have paved the way for many UK companies who hope to create the same success.

In this article we are going to explore Big Buddha Seeds’ most loved strains, how they have achieved global status for their quality, and the amazing variation of products they have on sale for the public.

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Big Buddha is often referred to as both the company and the main man behind it. Much of what we know about him is based around his development of BBC, which began in 2002. After procuring a cutting of the strain Skunk #1, he began to experiment by crossing it with a landrace Afghani male. The female landrace Afghanis are known for their bountiful yields, big beautiful and sticky buds, and tight branching. This male possessed the same quality of excellent branching, and so the first cross-breed of these two strains was created in 2002.

Great range of seeds: With 64 seeds to choose from, variation is not in short supply. Growers can choose from either indica or sativa dominant strains. And of course, there are their famous cheese blends which add up to a grand total of 44 different strains. Expect to be indecisive when choosing. Informative for growers: Big Buddha doesn’t just sell the seeds, but through their blog they provide information for novice growers. Whether that be how to optimize a 600w light in a single meter square or talking about the growing methods of an Afghani strain. It can be a great source to use if you are just starting your growing journey, and advice is always a good thing from a trusted source. This is a company very much in touch with the average grower. Top-quality seeds: As a consumer it’s important to invest in great quality seeds, as growing can be hard enough as it is. Each of Big Buddha’s seeds are hand-picked and then cleaned using high tech equipment. They also quote a 99.9% germination rate, which can make life much easier as a grower. Global shipping: It’s always a bonus when a company ships worldwide – giving as many customers as possible the opportunity to buy their seeds; although it does come at the humble cost of £19.95, which is about $25.62. We suggest you buy as much as you can with that price! Creative design: I think every buyer can appreciate the time it takes to design a good product concept. One of the first things that struck me about this company is their amazing Buddha-inspired graphic designs. It’s inventive, interesting, and who doesn’t want to see a waving Buddha on a white unicorn? Flowering TimeIndoors: 7 to 9 weeks Outdoors: End of October