Blue Dream Strain Review Is This Famous Strain Stuff Stoners Like
Thursday, Feb 26, 2015

REVIEW BY: @stoner_stuffType: Blue Dream weed is sativa-dominantCannabinoids: Blue Dream weed can contain anywhere from 15-20% THCLineage: The 50/50 Hybrid, Blue Dream strain, is a clone only strain from California. For a while the Bay Area (and the office of Stuff Stoners Like) was crawling with nothing other than Blue Dream cuts. Blue Dream is a hybrid of Blueberry an Indica dominant strain from the legendary DJ Short crossed with a Sativa-dominant Super Silver Haze from Mr. Nice.

Blue Dream is a dream for cannabis growers to cultivate. Pic:

Looks: The typical Blue Dream strain will look doused in crystals and lots of fiery-red hairs.Scent: The Blue Dream strain smells a lot like berries and sweet. In fact Blue Dream smells sort of like those berry Skittles mixed with a bit of Old Spice cologne and skunk.Taste: Blue Dream has a juicy-sweet berry flavor like biting into a fruit pie. It has a wonderful berry-scented aroma that’s instantly recognizable from it’s Blueberry parent.

Blue Dream is a very balanced cannabis strain—50% Sativa / 50% Indica

High: Blue Dream has a Sativa head-high that’s gentle and invigorating mixed with a nice full-body stone that’s deep and relaxing. Looking for a balanced day-time medicine without any heavy sedative effects? Looking for a marijuana strain that delivers an experience that’s relaxing, cerebral and stress-relieving? Blue Dream’s a high-THC strain that’s perfect for all that.Buzz Length: Because of it’s well-balanced 50-50 lineage of Sativa and Indica Blue Dream is both strong and long-lasting—that’s what makes it perfect for daytime use. Our sample gave us a nice euphoric and full-bodied high that lasted an hour maybe less.