Blueberry Strain From Noble Farms Review
Sunday, Aug 2, 2015

Appearance: The Blueberry strain has a remarkable covering of trichomes standing at full attention. What are they standing on? Everything! Buds, calyxes, pistils, leaves, the bag, the jar, and even the desk. It’s all covered with trichomes. This is some beautifully bold looking Blueberry. The bud is dark green with some vivid purple parts here and there. Definitely stuff stoners like.

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Smell: Right out of the package your nostrils are greeted with a lovely, full, sweet berry aroma. When you break apart a Blueberry bud and stick your nose right up in there, it’s all blueberry love. Also, now my nose has trichomes on it.

This is some beautifully bold looking Blueberry

I tossed some Blueberry in a grinder. It unlocked the full sweet blueberry scent this good weed is known for. I’m also detecting some sort of spice in there as well. But of course, your results may vary.

Flavor: Noble Farms has this Blueberry strain on point. I’m talking about some Craig Mack mad flava in ya ear shit. Out of a joint there’s a nice sweet berry flavor, just like it smells. Spliffs are even better as the tobacco brings out the berry flavor, and helps mask the taste of the zig zag.

Blueberry bong rips are superbly smooth with bodacious berry flavor Blueberry delivers a stoney buzz with a lot of couch lock potential Blueberry Marijuana Strain from Noble Farms Blueberry weed is Stuff Stoners Like