Boston FOX News Botches Marijuana Gummy Bear Report
Sunday, Sep 25, 2016

The War on (Certain American Citizens Using Non-Phamaceutical, Non-Alcoholic, Tobacco-Free) Drugs would’ve been over by 1978 if we had a functioning news media in this country. Instead, news media tends to diminish, demean, and de-legitimize the cause of drug law reform with pot puns, stereotypes, and misdirection, as evidenced by the recent Boston FOX 25 coverage of Kevin Sabet’s fake marijuana gummy bears.

(If you haven’t been following the #GummyGate story, you can get the complete story, with videos and an interview, in part one, two, three, and four here on WeedNews.)

The story: Kevin Sabet, the nation’s top anti-pot activist, tried to scare Massachusetts voters by displaying a bag of marijuana gummy bears on a live TV forum for Question 4. He told voters that if they voted yes on November’s legalization initiative, pot candy that’s indistinguishable from regular candy will poison their children. Then he left the allegedly dangerous juvenile poison unattended and it was swiped by a pro-pot activist. When Boston’s FOX 25 contacted Sabet about the incident, he admitted that the gummy bears were just plain old gummy bears.

Tune in to FOX 25 Boston next week for our report on some people who believe that President Obama wasn ’ t born in the United States. Tune in to FOX 25 Boston next week for their hard-hitting expos é on the criminals who rip that tag off the bottom of the mattress! a.k.a. “ the person ” from “ a national group against legalizing pot ” Dr. Keith Saunders with two unmarked bags of candy, one of which Kevin Sabet claimed to be THC-infu sed (Photo: Keith Saunders) Uh oh, somebody left pot candy out where kids might reach it! I ’ ll just make sure this gets put away safely …