Bringing Cannabis Education to the Masses: CEO Spotlight with Ozzie Ozkay-Villa of - Weedguide
Thursday, Nov 1, 2018

A recent Pew Research Center study reveals that 62% of American adults support cannabis legalization, marking a dramatic increase from the 31% of adults who supported it in 2000. But where cannabis prohibition persisted thanks largely to the spread of misinformation, one unintended outcome of legalization is that there is a proliferation of false and misleading messaging about what cannabis can actually do. In fact, the American public reportedly views weed as having more health benefits than risks despite the lack of scientific evidence supporting this belief.

Ozzie-Ozkay Villa launched her company because she understood that in order for people to make conscious decisions about whether cannabis had a place in their lives, they first need reliable information. We spoke with Ozzie to learn about her business and find out what’s it’s like to balance life as a CEO and married mother of two in one of the fastest growing industries in the nation.


“OOV is a digital publication and lifestyle brand at the intersection of cannabis, and health and wellness,” Ozzie explained during our phone interview. “We’re very focused on creating relatable, quality, accessible content for the mainstream population.”