Building Green Houses Through Hemp - Tiny Hemp Houses
Tuesday, Apr 26, 2016

Tiny Hemp Houses is changing the game in how we build houses.

Rather than using the dry walls, synthetic paint, and other hazardous materials, John Patterson uses a mixture of hemp, called hempcrete, which is completely natural and sustainable. To help raise awareness of what hemp can do for us in construction and industrial applications, Tiny Hemp Houses offers hemp building classes and education opportunities on hempcrete to the general public.

This week, we got the opportunity to chat with John to learn about his passion for hemp and to get an overview on hempcrete and its benefits.

Hi John, thanks for taking the time. To kick it off, could you share your background and your role in the hemp community today?

John Patterson: I’ve been a carpenter most of my life and have always looked for better ways to build houses. I especially was always looking to try to build more eco-friendly and “green” – but I had a hard time finding a commodity that was actually green and compatible for construction.

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