Buried Treasures: Herb Chambers Were Found in Africa, Asia | Marijuana

Friday, Oct 19, 2018

In the modern era of marijuana — vaporizers, bongs, and prerolls, oh my! — we hardly have to wonder how we’re going to consume our fabulous flower. But cannabis has been around for thousands of years, and many cultures approached burning herb differently. And, believe it or not, one ancient technique involved smoking cannabis straight from the earth. Illustration of “Kaffirs smoking hemp through an improvised ground-pipe using a bottle” by R. Caton Woodville from Illustrated London News, September 30, 1911.Remnants of this ancient practice can be found in southern Africa, where the smoking technique was widespread among natives. Detailed in an Oct. 15, 1921 article from Le Meschacébé, a Louisiana newspaper, the author witnesses the construction and use of an earth pipe to smoke cannabis, known locally as dagga, by natives in South Africa: “He scoops a hole out of the hard ground 3 to 4 inches deep by 3 inches wide. A foot or so away from this he scoops another hole, and he then