Buying Marijuana Seeds in Australia - I Love Growing Marijuana
Wednesday, Aug 1, 2018

Just like many other places around the world, Australia’s marijuana laws are currently in a state of flux. Medical marijuana has been legal (with certain limitations) since 2016, and the populous of the country wants recreational marijuana to be legalized as well. Marijuana is by far the most widely used illicit drug in the country. Since lawmakers haven’t yet taken that seriously, the country is simply waiting until the day that recreational marijuana (and growing marijuana plants) is legalized.

That being said, there are certain states where growing one or two plants is not going to end up with you sitting in jail for two years. Several states place an active emphasis on getting the person treatment rather than criminal charges, making it less risky to try growing it. Of course, anyone growing commercial amounts of marijuana is going to find that the penalties are far harsher than just growing one plant, so you should keep your grow operation small to ensure the lowest penalty.

In several states, such as South Australia, the way you grow the marijuana plant(s) matters as well. For example, if you are growing “artificially” (hydroponically and indoors) then it is considered a greater offense than if you are merely growing your plants outdoors. So, to keep to the lowest possible penalty (which could end up being a fine of $100 – $300), I’d recommend growing one plant outdoors in one of the states that have effectively decriminalized this.

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