CA Science Center | King Tutankhaum

In our latest Los Angeles expedition, we took the metro expo line to the CA Science Center.

There's an abundance of reasons to experience the museum (#1: it's free! ) but for this occasion, we checked out their featured exhibition King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh (unfortunately not free).

Passing at only 19 years old, Pharaoh Tutankhamun ruled Egypt during the New Kingdom period, 1332–1323 BC.

The tomb was discovered by Hussein Abdel-Rassoul in 1922, at the time a water boy working under English explorer Howard Carter. 

Egyptians believed that the deceased had to pass through 12 gates of the underworld after death, so their tombs were equipped with tools & resources to defeat the demons and animals on their journey through the Netherworld. The exhibit is a comprehensive collection of artifacts stored in the tomb for King Tut's passage. 

The kelp forest was a cool follow up to the Golden Pharaoh. Big fish, sharks & eels swim over a walkway. 

Of course our G Pen Gio accompanied the endeavor.