California Proposes New Testing Lab Regulations - Terpenes and Testing Magazine
Saturday, May 6, 2017

In November California finally legalized cannabis when voters approved Proposition 64.

California released their proposed regulations on the medical cannabis industry last week. These regulations were released so obtain a public review of their direction. Among those regulations were some key rules regarding California testing labs. The Bureau of Marijuana Control is hoping to allow legal cannabis operations to begin by January 2018. The regulations are currently undergoing a 45-day commenting period. After this period there will be meetings in Santa Rosa and San Diego to fine-tune and approve how the California cannabis industry will be regulated.

On Friday, the Bureau released a statement regarding the regulations, “The broad objectives of these regulations are to ensure that the medical cannabis goods sold to consumers from licensed dispensaries are safe for consumption.” With this focus on public safety, we’re glad to see that the Bureau has addressed California testing lab regulations in multiple points.