Can A CBD Product Label Be TRUSTED? + Understanding CBD Labels

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Today we discuss CBD product labels, how many milligrams you need,full spectrum vs isolate,accuracy of labels,QR codes on CBD labels and other basics around buying CBD products. This is the 3rd and final episode in the CBD topic. My Sponsor for this episode, TNB Naturals: YOU can help me LOTS by visiting my Grow Gear & Head shop: Still have questions? Need to get in touch? See my Club page for info: My last episode in the CBD series, on growing CBD-dominant strains: SeedsmanCBD; the company I’d trust for sourcing CBD products (yep, I get a benefit if you shop there via this link, but I’d recommend them regardless): My Facebook - My Twitter - My Instagram - Lex on TheWeedTube - Lex on Vimeo - Lex on Bitchute -