Can dogs get high off marijuana? | Get High
Monday, Apr 4, 2016

People love dogs and weed. Any kind of animal or interesting part of nature is generally accepted within the stoner mindset. Stoners love dogs, and dogs seem to like stoners too. The question at hand is… Do dogs get high? Can dogs get high like people?

The answer is maybe. More important than that maybe though, is the fact that dogs can’t understand our intentions or why the “high” would be happening to them. Giving a dog and edible or blowing smoke in its ears (a common myth of canine inhalation technique), is quite possibly equivalent to dropping a tab of acid in the water of an unsuspecting friend. It’s not fair to the dog to get them fucked up without explaining it in dog first. You can’t speak dog, so you can’t explain it. Don’t do it. They do however now have some cbd canine products, although the effectiveness and quality of product can be questionable.

You can find a plethora of bad experiences and anectodal evidence on Quora’s question, Can dogs get high from marijuana?

The Denver Post also has a great article on Pot and Pets: For them, a high is dangerous, so stash that stash