Can Eaze Marijuana Delivery Beat A Pizza Delivery?
Saturday, Oct 24, 2015

Do you remember when you were a wee little marijuana smoker and had to hoop through hurdles to procure some pot? If you can’t relate to that experience let me ask you this. Have you ever bought weed before the year 2014?

No? Well okay, have you ever smoked weed without the benefit of a medical marijuana card, and had to wait hours for your weed delivery on some rural block in some rural city like say, Chicago, Illinois?

If you have experienced one of these situations I know, I know, at one point you were waiting on your marijuana delivery AND also waiting on a food delivery, probably pizza. Or maybe at one point (maybe now), you wished pizza and pot came delivered together (I’m sure some gangapraneur’ will get to that idea in due time) and, if you were lucky, sometimes they kind of did.

But more than likely your food came to you first, unless you were smart and ordered it after the HOURS it took for your weed person to schlep their way over to your spot and sit awkwardly with you while you prattled on about your comparatively boring life just so one of you would do the mandatory smoke out so they could leave.