Can Midol Help You Pass A Drug Test?
Sunday, Apr 29, 2018

The word on the street is that Midol can help you pass a urine drug test for weed(THC) and other drugs. This theory might be true on paper but won’t work in real life. Sources that propagate this claim base their arguments on the caffeine content in Midol which makes it a diuretic.

This means that if this method works, then you are simply diluting the urine, nothing much. Dilution is a method you can carry out using pure water – a safer method considering the side effects of using Midol.

All in all, in this article, I’ll show you the proposed way of using Midol to pass a drug test. I’ll also explain how and why it might work and why it might not.

Most ladies who experience pain during their least favorite time of the month probably know what this is. Midol refers to an over-the-counter drug used to minimize the pains caused by menstrual cramping and other pre-menstruation and menstruation effects. It is distributed by Bayer.

As you can probably imagine, Midol is mostly marketed towards women. However, it can also be taken by men.

Caffeine 60mg A packet of Midol Complete- You could get it from most online stores including Amazon and Walmart or the pharmacy near you. You’ll need to take at 6-8 tablets per day for at least two days. So, a packet of at least 16 tablets might be enough A lot of water (both regular and sparkling will do) B complex multivitamin Aspirin (optional) Time – according to the internet’s proposed method below, you’ll need at least 48 hours to beat a urine test with this method. The more time you have before the test, the higher the odds of skirting the results. Abstain from drugs – Midol is said to help flush out the drug metabolites in your system. That being said, the first thing that you want to do is to stop adding more drugs into your body at least until you are through with the test Take a lot of water- as soon as you are informed of the test ahead; you need to start drinking water as you have never done it before. The essence of this is to trigger your kidneys to filter out more water and drug metabolites through urine Ingest 1 tablet of Midol Complete every 3 hours 6 to 8 times spread evenly across the day Take aspirin 4-6 hours to the test- most sources don’t include this step. However, sources that want to make the Midol method look truer recommend you to take aspirin to boost your odds of passing the test. As I have explained in another article about using aspirin to pass a urine test, there is scientific evidence that aspirin do help in masking the drug metabolites in urine. Swallow 100mg of B complex multivitamin 2-3 hours before the test- taking too much water in the hours leading to a drug test makes your urine appear so clear. This is the first telltale of attempted urine adulteration and might make the lab technician keener on your urine specimen. Taking vitamin B or B12 gives your urine its natural yellowish color Pee a lot- of course, the biggest mistake that you could make when collecting a urine sample is to offer the first catch of the day. The first urine of the day is said to have high concentrations of drug metabolites and might mess you up. Therefore, it’s recommendable to pass urine at least 2 times before heading to the collection point. Pass Your Test The Same Day You Can Keep Smoking For any Body Type and Usage Frequency Money Back Guarantee 7 Days To Be Clean Forever Natural Detox 15 Days To Be Clean Forever Includes Same Day Instant Urine Detox Includes Hair Detox ORDER NOW Was this post helpful?