Can You Pass a Drug Test Using Pickle Juice?
Tuesday, Jul 24, 2018

Pickle juice has made rounds as a remedy for passing drug tests for decades now. The sources that propagate this claim suggest that pickle juice has acidic contents that work by neutralizing the THC metabolites so that they can’t be picked by a lab test.

Well, it’s true that pickle juice is acidic in that it has acetic acid (vinegar) as its main component. However, as we know, while vinegar does help to detox naturally, it does not cut it as a same-day solution.

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Without jumping into conclusions, let’s see why, how, and when vinegar seems to work for some people and the scientific justification for that.


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This simply refers to the juice obtained after crushing and pressing apples. This freshly pressed juice is passed through a series of fermentation processes to attain its acidic content.

First, bacteria and yeast are added to convert the sugar content into alcohol through fermentation. In a subsequent fermentation process, the resultant alcohol is converted into acetic acid by the acetobacter bacteria.

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