Canadian College Announces Cannabis Cultivation Class
Monday, Jan 8, 2018

Higher education plays a key role in the modern and technologically sophisticated cannabis industry. From agriculture to retail, from labs to courtrooms, legal weed spans multiple sectors of the economy and society. Preparing the next generation for these new civic, commercial, and environmental horizons is more important than ever. And notably, universities across the United States and Canada have begun to recognize the value in educating students to work in these fields. Cannabis classes are cropping up on campuses across the country. More degree programs at the graduate level are incorporating cannabis into their curriculum. More schools are offering scholarships for students interested in pursuing a career in cannabis. And now Canada is following suit, offering students in one cannabis cultivation class full tuition to study pot.

The medical cannabis industry deserves the credit for legitimizing the academic pursuit of weed studies. And as the industry continues to grow and create jobs, colleges and universities will be responsible for creating the highly skilled individuals to work them.