Cannabis and Hemp Products for Cats and Dogs | DOPE Magazine
Saturday, Apr 9, 2016

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals does not support using cannabis or hemp to treat pets. “There have been no scientifically accepted studies comparing marijuana products to known pain control medications,” said Dr. Tina Wismer, a veterinarian and the medical director of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. “In addition, research has not been able to adequately define what a safe and effective dose of marijuana would be, due to the wide variety in product available.” Dr. Wismer made correlated statements concerning hemp.

Similarly, Dr. Steve Hansen, a veterinarian and president and CEO of the Arizona Humane Society, said he is concerned about cannabis and hemp-based products for pets because they are not FDA-approved or registered. “I would ask what research has been done and try a product very cautiously,” Hansen said.

Dr. Sarah Brandon believes that scientific studies will eventually prove CBD is safe and effective for pets. Brandon is a veterinarian and the executive director of Canna Companion, a company that creates a hemp-based product for dogs and cats.

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