Cannabis and Sex | How to Combine for Ultimate Pleasure
Thursday, Dec 29, 2016

The combination of Sex and Cannabis is definitely a topic that interests most people. And why not? The first we simply can’t and don’t want to live without, and the latter has the capability of taking the experience to a completely different level.

By using Marijuana you can literally reach new highs of sensuality. Today, Cannabis strains are used for a variety of different medical problems and for recreational use. The magic leaf has the power to increase your sensitivity and when used correctly during sexual intercourse, will create a feeling of euphoria that will significantly add to your experience.

The problem is which strains should you use? Which will lead to better sex? And, how to use them?

When you smoke or vape Marijuana, THC and other compounds go into your system through your lungs and then on to the rest of your body.

When you eat 420 in the form of edibles, your digestive system is changed by your liver into a different form of THC. This creates a completely different HIGH that effects the rest of your body.

Don’t get too stoned as it might have the opposite effect Don’t get too stoned as you might forget that you’re even having sex Don’t try a strain without knowing how you will react to it Stains can cause dryness, especially in Woman. So you might want to have some lube handy.