Cannabis Business Lawyers: What We Do | Canna Law Blog™
Thursday, Jan 28, 2016

Our Canna Law Group has busy but friendly pot lawyers in its Washington, Oregon, California, Illinois and Nevada offices. These lawyers have worked with hundreds of cannabis clients over the years on general business matters in these states and as far afield as Florida, Maryland, New York, Alaska and Hawaii (to give some examples from 2015). Because every state is a snowflake when it comes to regulating marijuana, our attorneys regularly confer and shop ideas. In all of these states, two very common questions we get are: (1) what exactly does a cannabis lawyer do, and (2) how can you help my company?

As to Question 1, Canna Law Group attorneys provide services similar to what business lawyers do in other industries; however, we focus on the ever-changing cannabis industry. Though we do no criminal work, we do provide far ranging legal services on a daily basis, including corporate structuring, contracts, dispute resolution, tax consulting, intellectual property, labor, real estate, licensing, compliance, and general operating advice. We provide these services to everyone from individual entrepreneurs and investors, to trade groups, to non-profits like NORML, and to publicly traded cannabis companies.