Cannabis Cup Winners -
Sunday, Oct 28, 2012

For those of you who have no idea about what the Cannabis cup is, it is a festival that was founded by Steven Hager in 1987 and takes place every year in the third week of November in Amsterdam. This event is very popular all over the country and gives judges the chance to vote and sample the best brands and varieties of different marijuana strands.

These judges then pick the best strands as the Cannabis Cup Winners every year and award prizes such as the best booth, the best new product, the best hash, the best glass and other various awards.

There is also an expert team of judges that is entrusted with the responsibility of deciding which seed company has produced the greatest tasting marijuana. There is some great fun and frolic to be had at the High Times Cannabis Cup and each year it is a great suspense to see which company or team would be ranked as the Cannabis Cup Winners. There are also stand-up comedy shows and different live expo events which showcase some of the best marijuana products and other products from the cannabis smoking business. Hager changed some of the values of the Cannabis Cup by the time the 6 edition rolled in and made 4.20 a very important and ceremonial time in the event.