Cannabis Day Blazes Upwards and Onwards | Marijuana
Monday, Jun 29, 2015

Cannabis activists in Canada are undergoing some setbacks after being notified that construction at an art gallery would prevent the annual celebration of cannabis culture from taking place this year.

Cannabis Day is an annual gathering of anywhere between ten to twenty thousand as a method of political protest in favor of cannabis legalization, as well as a general celebration of cannabis culture. Sponsored by Cannabis Culture magazine, the event enjoys a 19-year long history of taking place every July 1st at the Vancouver Art Gallery. But on June 9, just weeks before the event, Cannabis Culture received a letter from the City of Vancouver deputy city manager Sadhu Johnston, informing them that ‘a saturation of events’ including construction and the annual VIVA event meant that they must cease and desist all further planning and fundraising.  Johnston stated that should the event take place, it would be violating numerous civic bylaws.  Organizer and editor-in-chief at Cannabis Culture, Jeremiah Vandermeer, says they will not let the sudden decision of the city keep the event from taking place. “We are going to have to everything we can to have a peaceful protest, be civilly disobedient,” Vandermeer said. According to Vandermeer, the process of coordinating with the city for the event was going just dandy until Cannabis Culture was notified by media sources that the city would be denying them their usual location at the art gallery.  Being told that they can no longer accept funds from vendors would result in organizers not being able to provide basic amenities for the event such as first-aid tents, security, facilities, etc.